Trustworthy media environments for your brand.

We are Nostemedia.

Nostemedia has a strong background and experience in digital advertising and marketing. We help businesses advertise  effectively and successfully in trustworthy digital enviroment.
  • Digital marketing specialist company that was founded 2014
  • We made a turnover of 2,3 millions in 2021 and employed 9 people.
  • Our partner network reaches over 3,0 million Finns (unique visitors) every week.
  • We have over 90 domestic digital media partners.

Nostemedia’s own partner network is one of Finland’s largest!

  • We have exclusive channels to reach families with children and travellers.
  • Nostemedia is parent co-owner of Leadspark.
  • We can help you grow and/or create your newsletter/marketing permission database.
  • Proven track record of achieving results.
  • We understand digital business

Reach your target group effectively!​

Looking for new ideas for marketing? More traffic, more sales and stronger brand awareness? – We can help you, let’s find the perfect solution together!

Let’s take 30 minutes? And together we’ll find the best advertising solutions just for you.

We have been able to effectively increase the awareness of our customers in the target group and significantly increase traffic on their websites.

Over 90 domestic partner medias

We reach nearly 7 billion browsers per week 

We truly care about your success

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If you are interested in our digital marketing services or have any questions we are here for you. Just submit your contact info and we will get back to you!

Advertisers: Harri 040 353 3090

Collaboration, publishers: Heidi 040 359 2328


VAT number: FI26556373

Ruoholahdenkatu 14
00180 Helsinki
+358 40 3592 328

Vilja Juvonen

Account Manager

Harri Virtanen

CCO, Partner
040 353 3090

Mikael Teperi

COO, partner
040 356 1332

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