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Advertising in the “Vauvan odotus” -book you are involved in the life of the expecting mothers and families from the first consultation visits! -Exactly at the right moment, in the right environment.

Information and insights for the pregnancy “journey”

The Vauvan odotus -book goes through the weeks of pregnancy in a perceptive and fascinating way, telling what happens to the fetus and the mother. Interesting articles offer advice, solutions and answers to the most common unexpected situations during the pregnancy.

The book is distributed in all over 750 maternity clinics in Finland. The number of advertising places is limited, so book yours quickly!

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Advertising solutions 

There are different types of advertising solutions in the Vauvan odotus -book;

  • single  pages 1/1 full page or half page 1/2
  • Spread ( 2 x 1/1 ) 

Your ad can be placed near an accurate pregnancy week article, in which case it is naturally part of a certain pregnancy stage or theme. It is also possible to get advertising places on the inside covers. 

In addition, we can implement in the content, for example, check-the-box lists, sudoku/crosswords/coloring pictures, or for example, a survey of questions about the Pregnancy experiences with your company’s own look. Or, what about  “Milestone cards” baby cards with your company’s look? 

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mikael.teperi@yoc.com /  040 356 1332

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